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The Chronicles of Royal High:
The Lost Noble

Book One

Common Birth. Royal Blood. Unorthodox as Spell.
The Lost Princess is Found. 

In the realms of Edenarth, commoner teen Adella was meant to live an unassuming life with her family—that is, until her estranged grandmother, Cassandra Everheart, Queen of the neighboring kingdom of Adamaris, swept into her home one night.


After learning about the birthright her father left behind for love, and the syndicate that had nearly killed her family for it, Adella is presented with a choice: should Adella choose to embrace her rightful claim to the Crown, she would first be sent to attend Royal High, a finishing academy for nobility. After graduating the prestigious establishment in three year's time, she would then be expected to become Queen of Adamaris, and in doing so save the kingdom and its people from an uncertain future in their standing with the Interkingdom Accords.


Naturally, fifteen-year-old Adella is stunned, but reluctantly agrees to leave, so long as her family is protected from the scourge of the syndicate who had once shattered their lives. She is then whisked away and brought to the opulent castle halls of Royal High to begin her new life.

But aside from the whirlwind of ballgowns, tournaments, etiquette lessons, and scandalous royal drama, a strange darkness begins to haunt Adella Everheart in the shadows of the palatial school. Through a series of dire events, Adella and her new friends soon find that not everyone is as they appear in the world of royals, for under the surface of all kingdoms, a terrible and dark force is rising once again...

Can Adella understand what her unsettling dreams are telling her before it is too late?


Or will the rising darkness consume everything she loves?

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