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The Chronicles of Royal High:
Dragon's Wrath

Book Two

Under-equipped. Destiny Chosen. Brave as Spell.
The New Paladins Will Rise. 

Having tentatively accepted her birthright to the Crown of Adamaris by attending Royal High, Adella Everheart has only just begun to redefine what being The Lost Princess means as she wins the tournament for the school’s combat team—only to be left reeling in the aftermath of revelations and consequences from the Nether Dusk Faire. With everything she had ever known about the realms suddenly shattered, Adella’s determination to get to the bottom of her dreams and run-ins with dragons sees her delve into the darker secrets of the castle academy—secrets that someone, or something, wants erased from all memory at Royal High.


And when Adella stumbles upon clues to a complicated history with the Order of the Paladin’s, warriors blessed by the light of The Radiance who once protected the realms from the threat of the Dargoths and their Aphotic legions, Adella realizes that maybe destiny had called upon her and her new friends for more than just fulfilling their royal bloodlines. 

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