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The Chronicles of Royal High

"Disney's 'Descendants'  meets 'Throne of Glass'  in a gripping, epic fantasy about The Lost Princess of Adamaris and her destiny to become a Paladin Champion against the dragon hordes in Edenarth."

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The Chronicles of Royal High

The Lost Noble

Book One


A Chronicles of Royal High Novella

The Siren's Talon

Tales of Edenarth


The Chronicles of Royal High

Dragon's Wrath

Book Two


The Chronicles of Royal High

The Rogue Prince

Book Three

A Synopsis of The Chronicles of Royal High

In the world of Edenarth, faerie technology has advanced the realms immeasurably. Crystal ball communications, magic mirror displays, and portaling for fast travels are just some of the things that the Clans of Fey have engineered for human consumption—at the right price, of course. Politically, countless kingdoms and realms vie for power and prestige. It is a world filled with terrifying dragons, fearsome trolls, clueless humans, eccentric alchemists, syndicates and pirates, mysterious mermaids, faeries and their magic.


In the realm of Kelemer, Adella lives a life of peasantry with her parents, always having to hide from a shadowed past no one will name. One night, they are visited by the grandmother Adella never knew she had: Queen Cassandra Everheart, ruler of the ocean kingdom of Adamaris, the neighboring realm to the south. After years of hiding, Adella learns why her family has been hunted as Cassandra apologizes for banishing Adella’s father for marrying outside of the royal bloodlines. Adamaris has since been bereft of an heir, and with Adella being the rightful crown, she is presented with the choice to leave and attend Royal High, a finishing academy for nobility. Within three years’ time, she will be expected to become Queen of Adamaris should she embrace her birthright.


Naturally, fifteen year old Adella is stunned, but reluctantly agrees. She is then whisked away and thrust into the opulent castle halls of Royal High to learn alongside other young royals from across the realms. But a strange darkness haunts Adella in the shadows of the palatial school, and through a series of increasingly dire events, Adella finds that not everyone is as they appear in the world of royals. For under the surface of all kingdoms, a terrible and dark force is rising; an ancient breed of Dragon Kin, once thought vanquished by five guardians of light, are fighting to break free from their thousand year exile. Can Adella Everheart understand what her dreams are telling her before it is too late? Or will the darkness consume everything she loves?

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