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Welcome to the new R. Litfin blog!

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Welcome friends and fans to my newest platform! This is a TL:DR explanation before I get right into the posting of things:

Social Media is a short-form platform for sharing adverts, memes, comedy, aesthetic, and pretty marketing. Blogging is for things like long-form life-updates, void-yelling, travel reviews, beauty hacks, ADHD-isms, and long-winded recipe intros that nobody really asked for (just tell me how long I'm cooking the dang casserole for, Karen). Joking aside, I finally realized, for my own mental health, that my brain has needed a distinction between the two. Considering all the deleted, heartfelt, almost TMI, Social Media posts I have nearly posted through the years, wanting to share more about my life, but not wanting to be "too much in the wrong place," I realize now I should have started this blog a long time ago.

So look for the lighter, more random highlights of my life, my travels, my books on Social Media (as it should be), and head here if you really want to read my IRL brain drabbles behind the scenes (and there is no pressure to do either).

This place is for my own sanity. Social Media is for the aesthetic. I am so excited to begin to post accordingly.

Adventuring On once again,

xo Rachel

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