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Book Two

The Chronicles of Royal High
Dragon's Wrath

The epic new installment
by R. Litfin

Brought together by an unorthodox

Lost Princess in the halls of Royal High Academy, a fellowship of teen nobles must secretly revive the Order of the Paladin to save their kingdoms from the rising threat of the Dargoths and the doom of their new reign.


Rachel Litfin was born into a family of nerds in “The Shire” of Northern California. Inspired by everything fairytale and fantasy in her youth, Rachel created Adella Everheart in her freshman English class at the age of thirteen. Those first concepts, characters, scenes, and doodles would go on to become refined and published as the world of Edenarth and The Chronicles of Royal High. Today you can find Rachel telling her stories at Renaissance Faires, meeting and greeting fans at Comic Cons across the world, soaking up sunshine with a good book and, of course, writing about the many adventures that exist within Edenarth.

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"Disney's 'Descendants'  meets 'Throne of Glass'  in a gripping,

epic fantasy about The Lost Princess of Adamaris and her

destiny to become a Paladin Champion against the

dragon hordes of Edenarth."

Out now on Amazon and Kindle!


The Chronicles of Royal High

The Lost Noble
Book One


The Chronicles of Royal High

Dragon's Wrath
Book Two


A CORH Novella

The Siren's Talon
Tales of Edenarth

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